ODTC Members

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Lora Cox
Lora is not only the ODTC president, she is an instructor, an AKC judge, and the owner of some great Aussies!

Marian Pott
Marian Pott is an AKC and AHBA licensed herding judge and an all herding breed trainer. Her German Shepherds and Border Collies have earned herding championships and advanced titles working sheep, cattle, goats, geese, and ducks (not all at once!).

Marian is also owner and trainer of a dog obedience business in San Mateo County, centered in Half Moon Bay where she lives. She also works as a trainer for San Mateo Dog Training Club and enjoys working with ODTC in the variety of competition classes for her own dogs. Crossing the bridge in commute traffic is always an adventure but well worth it for the amazing classes.

Her competition dogs have earned many obedience titles over the 35 years she’s been competing. A favorite memory in competition was Border Collie Herding Champion Nellie winning High Combined in Utility and Open B at the Cow Palace! Nellie was found roaming the streets of Elk Grove as an 8 month old puppy.

In addition to herding, obedience, and rally, Marian’s dogs have earned TDX’s and TD’s in tracking, along with Trick Dog and CGC titles at various levels. Marian is a Canine Good Citizen and Trick Dog trainer and evaluator. In the past, Marian adopted a number of racing greyhounds and helped greyhound owners in adapting these wonderful sighthounds into their off track homes. While no greyhounds reside with her currently, she always has at least one rescue dog in residence.

Oakland Dog Training Club is a wonderful training club with a supportive and encouraging membership.

Lizanne Kaiser
Lizanne is an AKC® Obedience Judge and a dog training instructor at Oakland Dog Training Club, where she teaches all levels of competitive Obedience (Novice, Open, and Utility).

Lizanne grew up with a variety of breeds (Beagle, Lab, St. Bernard), and for the past 20 years has owned multiple German Shepherd Dogs (GSDs). She has volunteered with and adopted several GSDs from rescue organizations, so she's experienced in behavioral issues with dogs from animal shelters. Lizanne has been competing in AKC dog sports (Obedience, Rally, and Tracking) since 2005. She and her dogs have earned numerous AKC titles, including: Obedience Trial Championship (OTCH), Obedience Grand Master (OGM), Utility Dog Excellent (UDX), Utility Dog (UD), Rally Excellent (RE), and Tracking Dog Excellent (TDX) titles. They have competed at the AKC National Obedience Championship (NOC) multiple times, finishing in the top 20 dogs nationally. In 2012, Lizanne and her rescue dog Dante won German Shepherd Dog Club of America's Obedience Victor (OV) and Top Scoring Obedience Dog of the Year -- the only rescue dog ever to achieve these prestigious awards.

Debbi Hankins
Debbie was the ODTC treasurer for 18 years until 2022, and she is an AKC judge and the owner of 2 great German Shepherd Dogs. Pictured is Debbi with Banshee, who earned her UDX!

Nan Daley
Jasmine was dropped off at the Daley’s house by a friend of their daughters' to watch while his landlord inspected his rental house.

“He didn't come back as expected and then told us he didn't want her back,” Nan said. “We had an old Miniature Pinscher and didn't want another dog until he passed on. We certainly didn't want a Pit Bull! (They ended up being great friends.)”

They could not find a rescue group to take Jasmine so they made her part of the family. She was untrained and lacking in social skills.

“She had never been on a walk before and didn't know to go potty on a walk. Jasmine was startled by bikes and even a fire hydrant. Two years later, our walks are her favorite thing to do!”

Nan started taking her to classes in hopes that earning an AKC Canine Good Citizen title would make her more adoptable. “That is how it all began,” she said. Both Jasmine and Nan loved the training, and Jasmine excelled, earning her UDX in just 12 tries and only the 8th All American dog to earn an OTCH.

“It shows what a great dog a rescue dog can be! And to think I wanted to find her another home? I wouldn’t trade her love and kisses for anything!”

"I also Foster dogs when I have time for Underdog Rescue and Our Pack Rescue.
My favorite thing about Oakland Dog Training Club is their Members Matches in Hayward. It gives us a chance to practice where the show will be held, which is very helpful. The Members have been very supportive and helpful in our journey together."

Hazel Olbrich
Hazel is an AKC judge and one of ODTC's instructors.

Hazel attended her first dog training class with her Saint Bernard puppy in 1968. Since that time she has owned and trained Saint Bernards with a few Chesapeakes, Corgis, and Terriers (Bull and Irish) added to the mix. She had trained dogs to titles in obedience, tracking, agility, carting, weight pulling, and Rally obedience. She uses positive lures and reinforcement to teach new skills and motivate the desired behaviors, followed by more assertive input and corrections as appropriate to establish a reliably trained dog.

Senta is shown in the photo below, Senta earned her first CDX leg at Contra Costa KC in 1997 in fine style by winning the class

Kathy Miller
On July 27, 2019 Quimby got her very first AKC Agility Title, Novice Jumpers Preferred (NJP). As you can see, she’s impressed!

Nancy Mahaffey
I joined ODTC in 2015 with my 2 rescue Afghan Hounds, Cleo and Bella. I've had afghans since 1987, but Cleo, my foster failure, is my first female, and my first ever obedience dog. She was just my pet dog the first 3 years I had her, but someone suggested I take lessons to give Cleo some structure because I was not the best with this big time Alpha dog. After the 2nd lesson, I was hooked on this sport.

2 years after I adopted Cleo, I was asked to foster Bella until transport could be made to afghan hound rescue in LA. I had her 2 days and after that, couldn't give her up. Foster fail again.

Bella is also doing obedience, but her true calling is Therapy Dog. She has her AKC THD title, and we're very close to her THDA. That said, we don't do this work for the title. We do it for the light that shines in the eyes of the kids and people we visit.

Both girls are also Hollywood models, appearing in photo shoots and commercials. Their obedience training has made them very popular with the studios.

ODTC is a great club and I've made some wonderful friends and learned so much from the classes I've taken. The member's matches are an added bonus.

Paula Li
Magic, our Portuguese Water Dog, came to study at ODTC when just a puppy. Thanks to Lora Cox and the great trainers at ODTC, Magic has received many AKC titles. Now at the age of 7, she is trying out for the Elite Performer title. Here she is with Paula as Jane Bond, in one of our previous acts.
Owners: Paula Li and David Burke

Harriet Tucker
CH Gerstdale's Rocky Mountain High CDX, RAE, CGC
-- call name Riley

Patricia Hartney
Pictured is my Novice A dog (GSD) and Novice B dog (Golden Retriever).

Dog training became a passionate hobby for me after acquiring my Novice A dog, Gretchen. We started out at puppy classes at a local humane society. Observing how quickly Gretchen mastered the simple commands, the instructor asked me if I considered showing her in AKC obedience. Huh? I went home and contacted her breeder who told me about AKC and the many events.

Everything was new to me with Gretchen. I listened, observed and
practiced. Training time, however, was severely limited as my 50-60 hour workweek included both an irregular schedule and most weekends. Life is full of challenges. Somehow Gretchen managed to earn her CDX and NA NAJ.

After retirement, I acquired my Golden, Glitter. She was smart and fun. So easy. Titles came pretty quickly and she seemed to enjoy it all.

Observing some ODTC members with rescues, I became enchanted with the idea of a rescue. Viola! I adopted my first male and my first rescue GSD in 2011 (Kevlar). His temperament and biddability are his most outstanding traits. Despite being a special needs dog, Kevlar is titled in obedience, tracking and agility.

Micki Callahan
I've been a member of ODTC for about thirty years, and served as President and on the Board during the 1990s. I have had and trained Golden Retrievers and Saint Bernards. Currently I am training my Golden, Aretha. She has eight agility titles, Rally Excellent, and her CD. I have learned so much from ODTC members and trainers over the years that I cannot begin to give all the credit that is due. However, I want to thank Sue Harvey, Noelle Pilat, and Hazel Olbrich for their support and mentorship over all the years (and all the dogs).

Linda Hunter
We got our first quality Saint, Roxy, in 2001 and I joined the club a couple years later. She earned a CGC, CD, RN, DD, WPS and a High In Trial pictured here.

In 2017 we adopted our Rescue Saint, Sadie. She is a joy to train and has earned a RN, BN, NDD and we are working on our CD.