If you would like to apply for membership to the club, please download and submit the new member application.

If you are already a member and need to renew, you can either:
  1. Download the renewal form here and follow the instructions on the form.
  2. Via PayPal: click here PayPal and please note in the paypal page "Add A Note" section what the payment is for.
Single membership: $24 USD
Family membership: $36 USD
Trophy Donation: $25 USD

You don't need to be a member to take classes at our Training Hall, but there are many benefits to becoming a member, including:
Members' Training Practice Matches in Hayward
Membership Meetings & Events
Rent the training hall for your own practice sessions!
Woofs and Waggers Newsletter
ODTC Online Discussion Forum
Recognition of Accomplishments
A Chance to Give Back to the Dog Training Community
Making Friends

Members' Training Practice Matches in Hayward
Only those whose membership has been approved are permitted to participate in our Members' Training Practice Matches. These practice matches are perhaps one of the best perks of becoming an ODTC member. Details include:
  • Members' Training Practice Matches are held about once a month for 2 hours on a weekend morning. Check the calendar for dates.
  • The matches are held outdoors on the Cal State East Bay (formerly Cal State Hayward) campus, at the Music Peristyle lawn
  • The cost per match is $10 per handler. (A handler can work more than one of their own dogs at the same match, for $10 total.) Please pay by cash or check made out to "ODTC". An appointed club member will collect payments on site.
  • Unlike regular AKC events, for our Members' Training Practice Matches there is no limit on the number of participants and no paperwork to fill out in advance. So you don't need to plan ahead. Simply show up if you are interested in working your dogs that day, rain or shine.
  • Several obedience rings are set up on the lawn using tape dividers. There is usually at least one ring each for Novice, Open, and Utility, Members practicing Open and Utility should bring their own jumps. Please arrive a bit early to help unload and set up the rings.
  • Members who are training for the same level take turns being the judge and giving each other tips. Some members may want to do a complete run-through, while others may just want to practice on a couple of specific things. It is best to have a training plan in mind for you and your dog in advance, and then let your co-members know what you want to work on and what sort of feedback you'd like from them when you enter the ring.
  • Members need to be able to leave their dogs in a safe place when they are not working their own dogs and are helping other members train theirs. Members typically set up crates, etc. to the side of the rings. Sometimes there is a bit of shade on the sidewalk under the trees, but please come prepared with your own crate, shade, water, etc. to keep your dog comfortable and safe.
  • You can drive your car on the sidewalk/service road to the rear of the Music Building when unloading and loading, but cars cannot be parked there during the match. After unloading, please park your car in Lot L. Before you leave, please help take down the rings and clean up. Make sure you have picked up after your dog and disposed of any trash, so the campus looks as it did before our club arrived.
  • Dogs learn best when they've trained in a variety of environments. So if you're currently working your dog mostly in your own yard or in our indoor Training Hall, we'd like to encourage you to come out and join us at a Members' Match. These matches provide a wonderful outdoor training environment. The grassy lawn and people walking by on campus provide a good level of distraction, while still allowing us to work our dogs in a relatively controlled environment. There are many extremely experienced dogs and handlers to watch and learn from. It's a great opportunity to give and get tips and tricks from other club members and make new friends.
Membership Meetings & Events:
  • ODTC regularly holds membership meetings and events throughout the year.
  • Membership Meetings: to update members on club activities and so members can provide input on the direction of the club.
  • Educational Presentations & Demonstrations. (Past topics have included: Search & Rescue demonstration, Police Dog demonstration, Dog Legislation presentation, etc.)
  • Holiday Party
Training Hall Rental:
  • For a small fee, each member can rent the training hall. We have an online schedule where members can find free time and signup.
Woofs and Waggers Newsletter:
  • ODTC publishes a free newsletter once every two months.
  • The newsletter provides updates on what's happening in the club, including articles and informative tidbits on dog training.
  • There is also a "Brags" column recognizing recent achievements by our members and dogs.
ODTC Online Discussion Forum:
  • Members are eligible to participate in ODTC's online discussion forum.
  • This venue gives members an opportunity to ask questions, get training tips, and find out the latest about what's going on with the club.
Recognition of Accomplishments:
  • Let's face it - dog training isn't always easy. There are peaks and valleys along the way. And sometimes, when you thought you and your dog could never reach the next level, you both surprise each other. Those moments are enough to bring tears to your eyes!
  • You and your dog's accomplishments deserve to be recognized. Reflect on how far you've come and what you've had to overcome to get there.
  • ODTC supports its members by recognizing the hard work of both you and your dogs. In addition to the "Brags" column in the Woofs and Waggers Newsletter, ODTC presents members with an inscribed plaque recognizing new titles you and your dog won that year. These awards are traditionally handed out at the annual June meeting so we can acknowledge as a group the many achievements of our members.
A Chance to Give Back to the Dog Training Community:
  • Have you been to an AKC workshop, match, trial, or test? Most of the time if you're there competing, you're focused on your dog and what you need to do as a team. But take a moment to reflect on everything that's happening around you and that needs to be done to make one of those events a reality. There are an awful lot of people who have helped - everything from advertising for the event, arranging the location, inviting judges, recruiting stewards, administering entry forms and fees, setting up and taking down rings and tables, providing refreshments, purchasing ribbons and prizes, reporting results to AKC, etc., etc. These events do not just happen on their own. It takes a committed group of club members to pull them off successfully.
  • Becoming an ODTC member and helping at these events is your opportunity to contribute back to the dog training community. These events will continue to happen because you make them happen.
Making Friends:
  • Perhaps the biggest benefit of becoming an ODTC member is the friendships that are formed. ODTC provides many opportunities to interact with other dogs and handlers like you who are dedicated to dog training. Many members get to know each other at club events, and then spend time socializing together outside of regular club activities. Find a new playmate for your dog to romp with. Call up another member and go for a hike. Meet at a park and do some training sessions together. Lay a scent trail for your friend's dog to track. Visit a member who has an agility course set up in their backyard for a practice run. Send an email to the discussion forum bemoaning a training issue you've been having and does anyone have any tips for you?? Call a friend and let him know how proud you are of what Fido just did! Whatever your dog training interests and goals are, chances are there is someone else within ODTC who has similar interests.