Lizanne Kaiser
Lizanne is an AKCĀ® Obedience and Tracking Judge and a dog training instructor at Oakland Dog Training Club, where she teaches all levels of competitive Obedience (Novice, Open, and Utility).

Lizanne grew up with a variety of breeds (Beagle, Lab, St. Bernard), and for the past 20 years has owned multiple German Shepherd Dogs (GSDs). She has volunteered with and adopted several GSDs from rescue organizations, so she's experienced in behavioral issues with dogs from animal shelters. Lizanne has been competing in AKC dog sports (Obedience, Rally, and Tracking) since 2005. She and her dogs have earned numerous AKC titles, including: Obedience Trial Championship (OTCH), Obedience Grand Master (OGM), Utility Dog Excellent (UDX), Utility Dog (UD), Rally Excellent (RE), and Champion Tracker (CT) titles. They have competed at the AKC National Obedience Championship (NOC) multiple times, finishing in the top 20 dogs nationally. In 2012, Lizanne and her rescue dog Dante won German Shepherd Dog Club of America's Obedience Victor (OV) and Top Scoring Obedience Dog of the Year -- the only rescue dog ever to achieve these prestigious awards.

Lizanne's training philosophy is founded on relationship-based training. Trainers need to have a large tool box of training techniques. No tool or method works for all dogs, or even for the same dog all the time. Ultimately, what's most important is to be able to read your dog in the moment and tailor your response based on what's best for your dog's individual training needs and progression. This requires having a trusting relationship and honest communication style with your dog, both while training and at home. This is essential no matter what your goals are -- whether it's having a well-mannered canine companion you can live with, or as a foundation for pursuing a variety of dog activities together.