Lora Cox
My first dog was "MingToy" a Lasha Apso, when I was 10 years old. I spoiled her rotten, and we were kicked out of Obedience school in Marble Head MA because Ming Toy bit the instructor more than once. Since then I have had multiple dogs and increasing success training them. Calico a mixed breed, who looked like a Catahoula Hound Dog, earned her Mixed Breed Utility title. I had to show her indoors because she thought the go out was a release to keep running for ever. She taught me the importance of a reliable recall.

Fawn, a female German shepherd, earned her AKC CDX. She taught me not to lose my patience in training. If I did she would just lie down and quit.

Tucker, a male Australian Shepherd, earned his ASCA OTCH, AKC UDX, UCDX. He showed me how much fun training can be, and that food and toys are great motivators and do carry over into the ring performance.

Duke, a male Australian Shepherd, earned his ASCA OTCH, AKC UDX, UCDX. He showed me what real team work is and not to be complacent in training.

Vista, a female Australian Shepherd, has earned her ASCA UD, NA, AKC UD, RE, PT. She has been my biggest challenge to date. A very talented dog, but inconsistent in her performances. Not one to please you, more what's in it for her.

Ranger, a male Australian Shepherd, just turned 1 year old and is going to be a blast to train. With 30 some odd years of dog training under my belt, we are making great progress in his training. He is retrieving, doing go outs, hand signals, jumps, tracking, herding and always wants to be with me.

You never stop learning when you are a dog trainer. Over the years I have been to many seminars by the top trainers in our country and from the UK. There are always multiple ways to achieve something; one size does not fit all. You also need to know how to communicate your wealth of information to the general public. A well trained dog is a happy dog. Patience, Motivation, Consistency, and Praise.