Patricia Hartney
Pictured is my Novice A dog (GSD) and Novice B dog (Golden Retriever).

Dog training became a passionate hobby for me after acquiring my Novice A dog, Gretchen. We started out at puppy classes at a local humane society. Observing how quickly Gretchen mastered the simple commands, the instructor asked me if I considered showing her in AKC obedience. Huh? I went home and contacted her breeder who told me about AKC and the many events.

Everything was new to me with Gretchen. I listened, observed and
practiced. Training time, however, was severely limited as my 50-60 hour workweek included both an irregular schedule and most weekends. Life is full of challenges. Somehow Gretchen managed to earn her CDX and NA NAJ.

After retirement, I acquired my Golden, Glitter. She was smart and fun. So easy. Titles came pretty quickly and she seemed to enjoy it all.

Observing some ODTC members with rescues, I became enchanted with the idea of a rescue. Viola! I adopted my first male and my first rescue GSD in 2011 (Kevlar). His temperament and biddability are his most outstanding traits. Despite being a special needs dog, Kevlar is titled in obedience, tracking and agility.