Albert Angulo
In 2012 my wife and I brought home our first dog together. Margaret fell in love with Chloe, who was housed at the SFSPCA. At fourteen months Chloe had been surrender twice from different families; her energy and vet bills were too much of a burden for either family to keep her. Little did we know that Chloe would change our lives more than any other event thus far. She was reactive and energetic; nervous and attentive; bright and aware. She had very little confidence. She was unsure of everything, especially of me. We hired a behaviorist who told us that if we decided to keep her, that she would be a long term project. The next day I returned her to the SPCA. The following morning, feeling the emptiness of the night without Chloe's warmth and energy, we got her back. She was so very happy to see us. We sought more help with some of the best pet dog and sport dog trainers we could find. Each trainer told me that I would have to become a dog trainer to help her.

That is how my journey began. I have volunteered with the Oakland Dog Training Club helping Lynn Kosmakos with the beginning obedience class every week since 2012. I've worked with dog trainers from many different disciplines such as barn hunt, scent work, AKC Obedience, and protection sports.

The wonderful thing about dog training is that there is so much to learn and I have continued my training at the Michael Ellis School for Dog Training and attend seminars to keep my skills active and ready for more dog training.
It was once commented that I really like working instinct sports with my dogs. Instinct sports helped us build Chloe's confidence and as a result we learned to trust each other. My other dog, Mushroom, is a specialty high-drive sport-mixed dog. You'll find us hiking in the hills or playing on the beach where good dogs are allowed.

I am thankful for the Oakland Dog Training Club (ODTC) because of our commitment to the dogs we love. Our members actively compete in AKC events at the highest levels, yet know the importance and value of pet dog training to the community.

If you see us out there on the trails don't hesitate to wave and ask me more about what we do at the ODTC.