Lizanne Kaiser
On May 5, Cody completed his UD title. He also earned his first UDX leg and his first OTCH point. Good boy, Cody!

In 2017, Cody was found running loose in a school yard near Fresno. He was just young dog, approximately 7 months old at the time. After remaining unclaimed at the animal shelter for a few days, a rescue group specializing in German Shepherd Dogs (GSDs) stepped in to save his life. Cody spent a couple of months in foster care while recovering from kennel cough and his neuter surgery. When he was healthy and available for adoption, Cody joined Lizanne’s family. Over the past 25 years they have had 8 GSDs, 4 of which have been rescued from animal shelters. Cody currently shares his home with Grace, also a rescued GSD.

The UD Obedience title was a bit of a challenge for Cody, since he is easily distractible and not always the most biddable dog. However, Cody has strong ‘play-drive’ and loves to fetch and tug toys. Lizanne used his toys as both a distraction for proofing and a reward for a job well done, which helped improve Cody’s concentration and commitment to the exercises. Having earned his UD, moving forward Cody will focus on his true love—AKC Tracking. He has already earned 3 of the 4 Tracking titles (TD, TDU, TDX) and is now training for the VST. Cody is a wonderful, loyal, and loving dog. We are so fortunate to have found each other!