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Required form for the Puppy, Beginning, and Intermediate:
DOWNLOAD THE APPLICATION HERE: Class application and questionnaire.
Call 510-339-3276 to reserve your place before sending in the application. Class descriptions are below. A typical training progression is described here. Note: You do NOT need to be an ODTC member to take classes.

Puppy Training - For puppies 10 weeks to 4 1/2 months at beginning of session. Puppies are socialized with people and each other. Puppies are introduced to basic obedience commands and get to play on puppy agility obstacles. Basic behavior issues such as house-training, chewing and barking are addressed. Call 510-339-3276 if interested in signing up.

Beginning - For dogs 6 months and older. Dogs are introduced to obedience commands such as Come, Sit, Down, Stay and Heel. The instructor is available to answer specific dog behavior questions and help you deal with problems such as barking, chewing and pulling on the leash. Call 510-339-3276 if interested in signing up.
NOTE First class only: Students should be prepared to leave their dogs outside the hall (for example, in their cars) for the first half of the class while the instructor reviews initial information with their handlers.

Intermediate - For dogs who are promoted from Beginning training. In this class the trainer will polish basic obedience skills, practice hand signals and other advanced exercises, and prepare for off-leash control. Call 510-339-3276 if interested in signing up.

CGC and Intermediate Skills Drop-in - Prepare for Canine Good Citizen test, Beginner Novice title, and practice Intermediate skills. CGC tests given bi-monthly. Drop-in.

Introduction to Scentwork Class - For dogs with no prior experience. Seeking behavior is taught, using food, then transitioned to the target odors used in competition. Dogs and handlers gain experience in container searches and an alert behavior on finding behavior. This class is limited to 5 dogs. $100, 4 meetings each month. Call 510-339-3276 if interested in signing up.

Scentwork Practice - For dogs who are able to search for the odors used in competition and have a behavior change on find that their handler can recognize. This class is trial readiness preparation. All AKC odors and elements are taught. Teams will have 3 searches to work at each session, one of which will always be a container search for those preparing for an ORT or Novice Container trial. The other two searches will be a variety of odors and container, interior, exterior, buried, and handler discrimination searches. $20 drop-in.

Rally Class (Tuesday) - Preparation for AKC Rally competition. Rally is the latest rage, and entries are filling up fast. It's fun and a great way to supplement and reinforce classic obedience. While the moves are very basic obedience, they are combined on a parcourse like agility, plus you can talk to your dog throughout! The class will include all levels of Rally. Over the course of the six-week class all Rally stations will be trained and practiced, and a course will be run each class. Enrollment is limited. Call 510-339-3276 if interested in signing up.

Ring Ready AKC Obedience (Friday) - Class focus is polishing and refining skills needed to successfully compete in AKC Obedience. Not all exercises will be covered every class. Students are those preparing for AKC Obedience competition who have signed a waiver with ODTC. Dogs must already have 'pet manner' skills (or higher) and be able to work in a group setting without disrupting other students or dogs. Classes are pre-enrolled, 6 classes per session, approximately every other week (see Class Schedules for specific dates). Limit 6 dogs total (1 dog per handler), determined by lottery. If the same person has two dogs, one in each of the two Ring Ready classes, please keep one dog safely in your car while you work your other dog. There will be no crating dogs in the training hall or hallway

Novice - Classes are pre-enrolled,  for preparation for AKC Novice competition.

Open - Classes are pre-enrolled,   for preparation for AKC Open competition.

Utility - Classes are pre-enrolled,   for preparation for AKC Utility competition.