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Koa Cox
Koa earned her 1st leg in Novice at the recent ODTC Novice trial held on May 22, 2021.

Spirit Lemon
Spirit got her Rally Master Title at the ODTC Trial May 23,2021.
She is now retired from Rally & Obedience & we are starting nosework.

Jag Lemon
JAG got his Novice Obedience Title at the GGPWCF Trial April 10, 2021.
He got his Rally Advanced Title at the ODTC Rally Trial May, 23, 2021.

Kable Dove
I am pleased and delighted to share that Kable and I finished our Rally Championship title in April 2021. We were on track to finish in early 2020 but had to take a required hiatus. Many thanks to Dee Dee Anderson's Dream Big training facility for her well organized, careful and thoughtful obedience and rally opportunities. It certainly helped to earn those last few pesky Rally Master points!!

Kable is now 9 1/2 years old and this title pretty much caps his competitive performance career. Except for obedience, he has attained the highest titles offered in Breed ( GCH), Rally (RACH) and Hunt Test ( Master Hunter Advanced- MHA.) He is one of only 4 Irish Setters to be awarded the MHA title and the only Irish Setter to be awarded the Master Hunter 13 title.

When he was four years old, he had a freak accident that fractured a vertebra in his sternum, but we were fortunate that with good rehab and careful comeback training, that his injury was only a blip in his competitive career instead of a derailment.. Many thanks to the Canine Rehabilitation Center in Walnut Creek who had him back in training after an eight month layoff.

Semi retirement will see us continuing our Tracking training with a goal of getting certified in the fall and trying our luck at attaining our TD and TDX titles. His current job is being a great mentor to my new, 5 month old Irish Setter puppy, Kanon. Yep..Starting all over again!! I call my Duo “Proven” and “Potential”.

I certainly would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge that it took a village of fabulous trainers at ODTC to help me learn to train and compete with Kable. I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Hazel Olbrich, Barbara Henry, Lori Drouin, Lizanne Kaiser and Harriet Tucker for their classes and lessons these last nine years. The generous sharing of their time, knowledge, support and experience was invaluable to those of us who took advantage of the opportunity to learn from them.

Thank you to my Dream Come True boy! He gives me his best for that day and his best has been the stuff that wonderful memories and experiences are made of… You are my Heart Dog Forever, Kable.


Banshee Hankins
Banshee finished her Preferred Utility Title March 6 at the Diablo Valley GSDC Herding Group Specialty with a first place.

On May 23 at the ODTC trial, Banshee finished her Rally Excellent title, so she’s retired at age 10 from obedience & rally as
R Beth's Right Combination UDX,PUTD,RE,CGC. Learning new sports, we started nosework 2 weeks ago, its a fun class for older dogs.

Cody Kaiser
On May 5, Cody completed his UD title. He also earned his first UDX leg and his first OTCH point. Good boy, Cody!

Olive Daley
Nan Daley and her Olive of Lindenbrook. This photo is Nan and 4 year old Olive earning High In Trial at the recent GGPWCF trial held in Martinez on 4/10/2021. Not only did they earn HIT, but they did it in style....WITH A SCORE OF 200. And...they did it in the hardest obedience class, Utility B!

GSD Siblings all titled!
3 year old Siblings Summer Wilcox, Jag Lemon, and Karma Hankins all titled! All ODTC club members!

Summer received her CD. Jag received his CD title, and Karma received her CDX. Thanks to breeder Dr Ruby Hertz for a wonderful litter!

Way to go, ODTC members!

Jag Lemon
Mary Lemon and Jag just received their CD title at the recent GGPWCF trial in Martinez. Great teamwork!

Summer Wilcox
Dan Wilcox and Summer just received their CD title at the recent GGPWCF trial in Martinez. Great team!

Karma Hankins!
Debbi Hankins and Karma just took 1st place in Open A, and received their CDX at the recent GGPWCF trial in Martinez. Way to go!

Banshee Hankins!
Banshee and Debbi. New UDX title! Congratulations!

Debbi Hankins and Karma
Debbi Hankins and Karma just took 1st place in Rally Novice at DTCSV. Tying for 1st place with 100 points, Team Hankins won by 9 full seconds!

Nan Daley and Jasmine
Jasmine earned her OTCH this year. She is the 8th All American dog to earn the title of Obedience Trial Champion.
All but 2 of her 100 points were earned in the tough California competition. Her training didn’t start until she was an adult and this title is something we never dreamed we could accomplish. Jasmine is now semi-retired at the age of 7 and enjoying it!

Fran Corrigan
On August 11th, Kuma (CH Southampton's Bad to the Bone SCA SIA SEA SWN (SCN SEN SIN SBN) SHDN RATI RATN BCAT) who is 13 years old, attained his BCAT title in Fast Cat. This is Kuma’s 13th title and he is still going strong. Fran Corrigan

Hazel Olbrich
This is Hazel and Senta. Senta earned her first CDX leg at Contra Costa KC in 1997 in fine style by winning the class.

BellaDora Mahaffey
BellaDora got her 1st Open A leg, with a score of 194.5 and a 1st place at the ODTC trial on 12/12/2021. She received her 2nd Open A leg, with a score of 190, and another 1st place a month later at the DVGSDC trial on 01/09/2021. We were on a roll in CA! But late January, we moved to TN. Hopefully she'll keep up the good work and get her CDX.

On October 2019, Magic received the highest available trick dog title from AKC: The Trick Dog Elite Performer title. She is the 4th. Portuguese Water Dog in the nation to have earned this title, and we are so proud of her.
Paula Li and David Burke

Patricia Hartney and Kevlar
PAM Rescue’s Second Chance UD GO TD NAJ (Kevlar)
Kevlar was recently awarded the Performance Award of Merit by the German Shepherd Club of America, titling in 3 performance venues one of which is at the highest level.