ODTC during Shelter in Place

Oakland Dog Training Club is closed. No classes and no club rental. We will keep you posted when things change. Until then, have fun with your pups. Thankfully we have them to keep us company!

Please note that AKC now offers Trick Dog and Rally Novice titles to be obtained 'virtually'. To view the AKC pages below, copy and paste the link in your browser.

Trick Dog: https://link.akc.org/view/5b6b341c639ec83f07431c075e78fb681259f55df04195dd/9da7a543

Rally Novice:

Ella O'Brien

Ella is doing her part.

Welcome to Oakland Dog Training Club

Oakland Dog Training Club has been teaching people how to train their dogs since 1947. We believe that both people and dogs are happiest when the dog is a well-behaved family member who knows what is expected of him or her. We have found that training integrates better into family life if an owner is the one who trains the dog, rather than having this done by a professional trainer. Both purebred and mixed breed dogs are welcome at all our classes.

ODTC offers a complete training program divided into different levels. Your dog will learn to follow your commands, even with the distractions of other dogs and people. We start with kindergarten Puppy class or our Beginning class, depending on the age of your dog, and continue through Intermediate and Advanced (Off-Leash Control) classes. Many people even choose to continue their obedience training after the basics, and enter their dogs in Obedience Trials or prepare for Rally or Agility. Every dog loves to have a job, and it is fun besides!

Classes are held in our indoor training facility, which is fully matted with mirrors. We are located near Pt. Isabel dog park, close to the Albany/El Cerrito/Richmond border.

Our members and our class attendees are from all over the Bay Area and beyond! The ODTC welcomes new members. Visitors must leave their dogs at home. Only registered students, club member dogs and service dogs are allowed into our training facility.


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