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Oakland Dog Training Club 2004 Obedience Trial Photos
Hayward, CA, May 16, 2004

photos by Laurie Sasaki   * Click images to see enlargements. *

Novice B placements

Utility B - and
the winner is...

pre-novice winners

Open A placements

Novice A placements

All-Siberian Team

Novice B

Utility B placements

Open B placements

Fabulous prizes

Stewards Micki C and Michelle L

Open B groups -
the handlers

Trophy chair Paddy B

Novice- Beth Liveright

Interested onlookers-
Jean Marie and Hank

Stewards Barbara H
and Sue S

Judge Lori Drouin

Open A retrieve

Julie Rose

Hazel and Julie taking
a breather

HIT performance

Fig 8- Marion McNiven


Hospitality helpers

Goodwill ambassador Hank

Joyce Brown at work

Marion M and Ike

stewards Kathy G and Harriet T

Please STAY....

Mother-daughter teamwork

Open B groups -
the dogs

Pre-novice groups

Stewards Marianne L
and Michelle L

Keeping em organized-
Donna M. Randozzi

Open B- fig 8

Stewards Tricia B
and Debi B

A study in contrasts

Judge Lori Drouin