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ODTC 2003 Tracking Test -- Passing Dogs
Livermore, CA, April 13, 2003

Judges: Kaye Hall and Bob Rollins

New TDs (on left, above and below):
CH ASHFORD'S SAFFRON O'REILLY, UD, JH and Terry Southard [Golden Retriever]
      (owned by Debbie Claussen)
CHELESTINA'S STAR ROMANCER and Janet Rey [Boston Terrier]
New TDXs (on right, above and below):
WINDSTAR'S TOP GUNN, TD, HSB, HXAs and Jeannie Dennard [Border Collie]
R. BETH'S TWO O'CLOCK JUMP, CD, TD and Betty Frazier [German Shepherd]
Site of the tracking test: Morgan Territory Regional Park, Livermore, CA.
(Photos below were not taken during the test.)
Special thanks to the tracklayers who hiked miles through rain,
wind, and mud on both Saturday and Sunday to make this test happen!
And thanks to Marianne for feeding everyone.