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Training for your pet dog or your new dog!

Do you have a dog who you've always wished had better manners around the house?

Or is your dog restricted when out walking because you know he wont come to you when you call him?

Or, have you just gotten a new dog or puppy and now you're asking yourself "What do I do NOW with this little hellion?"?

Oakland Dog Training Club prides itself on its long history of providing small supportive training classes tailored to the needs of your dog. Whether you have a puppy you want to start off right, a shelter dog who needs help in becoming a well behaved pet or you would like to work on more advanced training skills with your canine friend, ODTC has trainers who can help you succeed.

Oakland's knowledgeable trainers, whose own dogs' accomplishments speak to the effectiveness of their training approaches, have a wide range of skills that will help you build a relationship with your dog. Their broad and varied backgrounds and years of experience make our trainers uniquely qualified to help you explore a wide range of techniques to find those that will be most effective for your dog and its particular needs. Classes are limited in size so handlers will receive lots of personal attention.

Interested students are encouraged to drop by (without their dogs) to observe a class. We look forward to meeting you.

Oakland Dog Training Club welcomes all dogs - purebred and mixed breeds - puppies and older dogs, whether you're interested in teaching your dog tricks, or manners around the house or on walks, or getting involved in training for various dog activities.

We have classes for all of these interests and all dogs are welcome in every class (provided they are old enough to have had their vaccinations). There are classes for puppies, beginning and intermediate obedience, off-leash control, and several kinds of sports.

The club also welcomes all dog owners as club members.

For more information about events the club offers click here.

If you have other questions, read our FAQ page, and if your question is not answered, please contact us.