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AOCNC Interclub Match - ODTC participating members
Hayward, CA, June 6, 2004
[photos by Laurie Sasaki]

ODTC came away with the #1 ranking amongst the AOCNC clubs, winning the following awards:
Obedience: Interclub Award
Interclass Award
Top Novice
Top Open
Top Utility
Agility: Interclub award
Interclass Award
Top Novice

Obedience Award Winners, as pictured from left to right above: Andrey Finholt and Penny (UT), Sue Stauffer and Terra (NOV), Gina Grossman and Kelsey (UT), Evelyn Ballment and Dandy (OP), Melanie Seepol and Dodger (OP), and Woujie Mailer with Krystl and Bandit (NOV).

The Award winning Agility Team team doesn't have its own picture, but the members are: Linda Van der Meer and Jolie (NOV), Charmaine Fornoff and Marley (NOV) and Sue Harvey and Link (EXC).

Pictured below is a portion of the 2004 ODTC contingent: